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 which humana dental will click on that most plans that we put into the market are the Delta Dental Plus premier we call that our point of service plan so here is what the.

humana dental
humana dental

the link you’re going to want to click is the PPO plus premier if you had a PPO standard plan those premiere dentists are not in network so always be aware of that we only use those PPO standard plans for groups that

currently have a mac plan in place a mac reimbursement for the out of network we don’t see many of those so the majority we’re going to send out almost exclusively any Delta dental provider in the country okay okay so

that’s a seamless reciprocity that we have for for those multi-state location type customers now if that same group was domiciled in Delta Dental of

Illinois for example I can’t quote that I would have to refer you to a delta dental of Illinois representative to quote that for you we are on different

claim systems when it comes to that but to the to the number to the subscriber they can see any Delta dental provider across the country the

claims will come back to Michigan to be paid customer service would call into Michigan it would be a delta dental of Ohio client I know it sounds a

little confusing but to the member it’s completely seamless well we have a situation where let’s say our employees are in obviously South Carolina when they go into their delt you know to their dentist they’re looking up Delta Dental South Carolina because that’s where they’re located why

would they think to look de novo hi oh well they still they’ll still find those providers that’s fine they don’t have to use Delta Dental of Isle to look up the