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Dental insurance texas in every single case why well because every  tooth has different morphology the morphology of dental insurance texas the teeth are gonna change from patient to patient some are gonna have contacted a little bit more open so we’re gonna have teeth.

dental insurance texas
dental insurance texas
  • That have more decay some are gonna have shorter anatomical crown so we’re gonna have longer anatomic crowns so really .
  • the matrix system that you use in your office should be something that you’re trying to get used to but remember just because you’re not successful doing or using .
  • That matrix system one time that does not mean that you’re not going to be successful next time or it does not mean that.
  • the matrix system just doesn’t work so there’s always different adaptations that we have to do to make sure that
  • We have the proper techniques available to make sure that we have those restorations and that they’re successful so once .
  • we place the matrix what do we have to look for what do we have to make sure that we look for in our matrix system .

What’s gonna insure us a proper contact what’s gonna ensure that we have a proper seal what’s going to ensure that we don’t have micro leakage so I want to take a look into this picture right here and I want to take a look at two things .

The first one is going to be that intimate seal that we have between the matrix and the enamel so all the peripheral enamel and that tooth preparation has.